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collections of props via perfectly imperfect living

Actually, let me state for the record, before we even begin, that as collections go, I don’t think this one is going anywhere. But as I have always believed that a collection can be as few as one, then this little gathering of four is technically, a collection.

And it’s one of those chance second hand shop finds that had I not walked in when I did, would never have been missed, because I didn’t know such things existed.

But, when you’re on a cross country road trip, and you need a little break from the driving, what do you do? Well I know what I like to do – find a second hand junk shop and a coffee, preferably in the same breath, and have a little peruse. And because on this particular road trip there was no husband to put a stop (or more accurately, an accelerator) to my little plan, that’s exactly what I did.

So my new old treasures are soap factices – oversized display dummies for the soaps they purport to be but are not. Designed just like a perfume factice, to advertise the soap, and hopefully persuade you to buy it. Whereas a perfume factice usually holds coloured fake fragrance, these wrappers contain soap-shaped wood. Perfectly imperfect props for soap displays.

collections of props via perfectly imperfect living

Not just any old soap either. ‘The Finest Soap That Money Can Buy’ packed expressly for Bulls’ Brightest Business, S & B Foodmarket, Phone 109, Bulls.

Or the Waxine Soap, which, according to the wrapper jargon, is ‘the best made for scrubbing and scouring tables, benches, cupboards, floors etc., and for cleaning pots, pans, cooking utensils, brass plates, etc., etc.’ Apparently it ‘lathers freely and is a perfect cleanser and is a wonderful help on washing day’. Gosh, what doesn’t it do? I can just imagine these in a window display at Bulls’ Brightest Business, enticing all the local housewives to try it. Obviously a must for the 1930’s laundry. Shame it’s only a prop then and not the real deal.

collections of props via perfectly imperfect living

I love quirky treasures like these. A little snapshot from the past. Apparently they came from a private museum collection. I wish my grandmother was still around so that I could ask her if she remembered using soaps like these.

But for now, I think they’ll be on prop duty at my store. Perfect display dummies in the bath and body area.

Amanda x

(photographs & styling Amanda Holland for perfectly imperfect living)

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