a paper garland

floral paper garland

I honestly can’t remember why this paper flower garland came about. Most probably for a store display. But it is proof positive that sometimes the best inspiration is on the fly, and you should just run with it. It is also a wonderful reminder not to overthink things, and that when it comes to decorating, firstly, you can literally make something out of nothing if you want to, and secondly, sometimes you make something that you will want to keep forever because you love it so, even if it was only intended as a temporary quick fix. paper flower garland

In this case, an old magazine with an article about a spring garden. A pair of scissors. Garden twine. A stapler. Cut out the flowers. Fold a small edge over the twine. Staple. When you run out of flowers, cut out greenery. Fold a small edge over the twine. Staple. Add a bird. Fold a small edge over the twine. Staple. Not difficult. Relaxing even. There’s nothing like a little creating while watching TV. Does it matter that there is odd text on the reverse of each flower? I don’t think so. I love that when the garland is looped some of the flowers look like flowers, and some look like text versions of flowers.

paper flower garland

You can apply this same idea to buntings or garlands for kids bedrooms or party decorations, and, as this one proves, it doesn’t have to be fancy or fussy or difficult or expensive, and that often, simple and less contrived is indeed, best.

You could make a simple flag bunting with magazine pages, newspaper, or giftwrap. Or even kids artwork – you know, when they produce prolifically, and the colours are great, but the subject might not be making much sense! Either way, you will end up with something handmade, personal, unique, & quirky, that both you and your little ones will love, that costs next to nothing.

paper flag bunting

paper flower garland

In the case of my little floral frippery, the whole thing is perfectly imperfect – after all, it is only a few magazine pages, some string and some staples that inadvertantly became a much loved paper flower garland. At a stretch I could call it an ‘art installation’!

Amanda x

(photos & styling Amanda Holland for perfectly imperfect living)

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