authenticity over perfectionism

agapanthus and paintchipped table

My husband thought it absolutely hilarious when I told him that I’d signed up for an online course in time management, but that I hadn’t actually had the time to start it. Yes, I guess that it is a little ironic! So now that I have started my course, which by the way is with Kylie and Bin at and is truly fantastic, one of the very first topics is that of perfectionism. Something I know a little about.

Yes, it is also not without a little irony, that someone with such obvious Virgo critical perfectionist leanings is writing about perfectly imperfect living. 

So, of my personal perfectionist issues, let’s just say they are a work in progress, and usually directed at myself. My real, authentic, interior self is naturally imperfect, and completely ok with this. More than ok, I embrace it whole heartedly. Getting caught up in the so-called perfect home quest is just asking for trouble. The most perfect spaces are always perfectly imperfect. It’s those little quirks and speed bumps and chippy details that make a space real. That give it character and authenticity and warmth and appeal. Items and objects chosen because they have memories attached to them or are adored, saved for pieces, rather than because they ‘will go perfectly in the house’.

If you truly love something then, believe me, it will go perfectly in the house, even if it is in the most perfectly imperfect fashion.

hydrangea and vintage books via perfectly imperfect living

Personally I think there is little appeal in a carbon copy space, no matter the budget spent to achieve it. Every room needs personality, and this can only be achieved by giving yourself and the things you love over to a space. Curate and display your treasures with love and thought. You have to put as much of yourself into your home as possible. Do this and your home will give back in spades. And you will have an authentic space that is truly your own, and always makes you smile.

Amanda x

(photography and styling Amanda Holland for perfectly imperfect living.)

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  • Ann Davis

    February 23, 2016 at 6:26 pm

    Oh my. Is all I can say. Great blog today 💕🌿 thanks Amanda.

  • Claudia Adams

    February 23, 2016 at 7:24 pm

    So true Amanda! I think I need to sign up for that time management course too 😉 btw not sure why I’m not getting your blog updates. Will try to resubscribe x