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chalk board calendar via perfectly imperfect living

It isn’t always easy trying to balance one’s perfectly imperfect living style with one’s innate Virgo tendencies for order and routine. I do like a little tidy in my life to sit alongside the perfection, control and self deprecation!

And if there is anything that will throw me off my stride it is usually something to do with balancing the fifty-thousand activities each month that seem to involve my girls, my husband, and even the dog. And honestly, I’m not sure that I’m even exaggerating that figure! Well, ok, I am, but some months it feels like that many activities.

chalk board calendar wall via perfectly imperfect living

Thank goodness there are only two children! (And one husband, wink.) Because I surely don’t get much of a look in on our family blackboard calendar. Look hard, look again, no, not even a haircut this month. I have no life. It’s all Milly this and Eva that. I do believe that Eva has three birthday parties and a school dance amongst the speech and drama lessons, while Milly was not especially thrilled that I wrote up her upcoming exam dates amongst the driving lessons and invitation to another school’s ball. For good reason I felt the need to draw her attention to the school work and a little upcoming reality check.

blossom via perfectly imperfect living

I know this calendar is larger than life. It sits over 2.5 metres high, and I climb on a chair to reach the top squares. And while I keep all my work related appointments in a digital diary with noisy alerts that remind me of them, when it comes to family stuff, I prefer this front and centre kind of shout out. Every morning when I contemplate that first cup of coffee, I look at the blackboard, and every night, while I cook dinner, I look at the blackboard. And while it’s not perfect (especially when I forget to write something up) mostly, it keeps us all on track, and as a bonus, I know what day it is! That has to be a good thing.

interior details via perfectly imperfect living

Practicalities –

Porter’s Paints mixed me the chalkboard paint in four different shades based on my idea.

I marked out the calendar grid with masking tape and pencil lines using a cardboard template and a level, while the wall was still white. This took the longest time, but was worth the perseverance, and obviously, you don’t want a crooked calendar. Well, this Virgo, certainly didn’t!

Once the grid was in place I started painting, one colour at a time. I masked the squares that were going to be that colour, and gave them all two coats of paint. Once that colour was done, I removed that masking tape, and then masked the next selection of squares for the next colour, repeating the process until the grid was complete. Then the rest of the wall was painted in the darkest of the black shades.

How lovely indeed!

Amanda xx

(styling and photography by Amanda Holland for perfectly imperfect living)

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