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There’s nothing like a little spring sunshine to motivate a makeover. That, and the fact that my husband has been away overseas for almost four weeks, and he will be bracing himself for some inevitable changes on the decorating home front. It’s like a game of ‘spot the difference’ that I like to play. However, if he is expecting (or fearing) major changes, then I think he will be relieved. Rather than starting anew, it’s about refreshing what I already have. It’s invigorating and inspiring, and gives me the opportunity to look at things in a fresh new light.

flowers in vintage bottle via perfectly imperfect living

I like to challenge myself to a little rearrange, be that of bigger furniture pieces or my collected treasure displays. Or both. A little thought, and approaching your space with a fresh eye will give you a new perspective. We often underestimate the wealth of treasures that may already, literally, be in our back yard (or cupboard or garage.) When you look at some of your things all the time they almost cease to exist. Or they’ve been tucked away for so long we’ve forgotten about them. Moving things around, rediscovering hidden treasures and restyling your collections will make everything feel revitalised and new. And then you can assess where you may need to update, recover or redecorate. You will be amazed at the effect a little shuffling can do!

living room vignette via perfectly imperfect living

And please don’t be afraid of getting it wrong! Sometimes, even on a small scale, things just don’t quite work. Styling a home is like that. You’re working hard at displaying your treasures, moving your furniture, refreshing things, even flower arranging, and for whatever reason, it won’t come together. The trick is just to try, try again. Often it’s a case of walking away for a while, even overnight. Come back the next day, and instantly, with a fresh approach you can see the problem and fix it. Believe me – I rethink things all-the-time! Like this little living room vignette, which I decided was in danger of being permanently disarranged when I saw my girls practicing their dance version of Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ next to it!

Oh, and a little arrangement of spring flowers will breathe life into any room.

Amanda xx

(photos & styling Amanda Holland for perfectly imperfect living)

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