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interior style via perfectly imperfect living

Great style isn’t about how slavishly you follow a trend or how quick you are to embrace the latest, greatest thing; in fact it’s anything but slavishly following a trend or quickly embracing the latest, greatest thing. Great interior style isn’t about opening the latest home décor magazine and setting out to copy a room in its entirety, even if it is a beautiful room.

Truly great style is about owning your own sense of style.

interior style via perfectly imperfect living

It’s about having the courage of your convictions. It’s intermixing with aplomb. It’s about the details, the personal, the quirky, the loves, the curation, the inspiration.

interior style via perfectly imperfect living

It has nothing to do with the designer, nor with how much something costs. Money cannot buy style. I’m sure we can all think of some examples of terrible style that has cost a small fortune and yet still manages to look almost unbelievably sad and bad. Actually, experience has taught me that some of the best interior style is inspired or conceived on budgetary limitations.

interior style via perfectly imperfect living

True style is inspired by true style, and then reinvented in a fresh new way.

We all know rooms that have it. That certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, can’t quite put your finger on it, x factor. Rooms that wrap you up in their beauty, and an eiderdown of comfort and warm emotion. These are not rooms hurriedly thrown together on the whim of a trend. They transcend the trend, and ultimately probably inspire a host of new trends. They have great style.

interior style via perfectly imperfect living

And great style recognises true style, even if it isn’t your style. And, as I say hundreds of times over and over, if you love something, truly love it, even if at the same time, you are a little unsure about why you love it or where it will go, or even, whether it will go, then embrace it, because it will go with all your objet trouve simply because you love it. A stylish collection of objet trouve, collected and curated and loved, stylishly.

Amanda xx

(styling and photography by Amanda Holland for perfectly imperfect living)

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  • Mo

    August 11, 2017 at 9:05 am

    I’m so there with you!

    A lot of home magazines lately seem to show houses all looking very similar, and I so look for the character filled with treasures and little bits to admire ……. and the not so perfect home.

    I’ve been moving things around in the little house lately, bringing in some new treasures and I just hope that our wee house makes people feel welcome and perhaps a wee teeny tiny heart skip when they see something that appeals to them and shows a bit of my style or just style!

    Mo xx

    • Amanda

      August 11, 2017 at 3:04 pm

      It’s obviously been too long since I’ve written a reply on here, and I’ve forgotten how – see my comment below!! Sorry Mo! xx

  • Amanda

    August 11, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    So long as your heart skips a wee beat Mo, that’s all that really matters. Hope you have those MMM books somewhere front and centre. (I can just see you in a pink & white striped frock). xx