instant art installations

instant art installations via perfectly imperfect living

I was rereading one of my favourite interior books yesterday – Sibella Court’s very first book etcetera etc. I honestly think that I get as much inspiration from this book now as I did when I read it for the first time eight or more years ago. It never fails to spark an idea or two, and even though I always think I must know it by heart I’ve enjoyed it so often, there is always something that I ‘see’ properly for the first time.

Anyway, wild and exciting ideas aside, yesterday’s inspiration was not so much a lightbulb moment, but more of a ‘yes, that’s so true and so easy’ moment. instant art installations via perfectly imperfect living

Sibella writes “A little sticky putty plus a lot of paper equals an instant art installation.” And considering that every time I type away here at my computer I’m sitting in front of my own instant art installation, that in truth, I spend far too much time gazing blankly at, I know exactly what she means and completely agree.

Paper and all its idiosyncrasies is a wonderfully tactile and visual medium. My ‘installation’ inspiration wall is composed of luggage tags and beautiful cards and quotes torn from magazines and handwritten messages from my girls when they were younger and small acorns memorabilia and little paintings and favourite photos that I’ve had printed and a little cardboard house covered in pastel pink newspaper and tissue paper flowers and vintage postcards and tickets and signage and on it goes. 95% paper, an instant art installation composed visually from bits and pieces, and held together with sticky putty and washi tape.

instant art installations via perfectly imperfect living

At the store, this colourful wall has grown very organically, and is a contantly changing wall of visual inspiration. It’s composed of little more than magazine tear-outs, and some beautiful cards, and a few hand-made ex-display treasures.

instant art installations via perfectly imperfect living

instant art installations via perfectly imperfect living

Both my girls have paper installations in their rooms too. In her university hall room, Milly has lots of polaroid photos, photobooth strips, tags and special cards from friends, some of her own styled photography works printed and some handwritten quotes mixed with a great vintage poster and other special ephemera. (I’m pretty sure the room was only this tidy once.)

instant art installations via perfectly imperfect living

Eva also has polaroid images of friends and memories mixed with some wise words for inspiration. Her photos were all taken on her phone, and then printed on Fuji Instax film using a Share Instax printer and an app. This instantly turns any photo into a ‘polaroid’ moment.

Each of these walls is easy come and just as easily, easy go. Especially great if you’re in a rental property, uni hall or flat. And that’s the beauty of paper, washi tape and sticky putty. Your art installation can last for as long (or as short) as you decide. My inspiration wall is always being added to. The girl’s walls are constantly undergoing complete makeovers. And everyone is happy.

Amanda xx

(styling by Amanda Holland, photography by Anna Briggs and Amanda Holland, for perfectly imperfect living)

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