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The other morning, just as I was leaving for work, I snapped this image on my phone.
I literally had just put on my coat, hat, scarf & gloves, and picked up my bag. And when I turned around, this is what I saw. It was a couple of days after our horrendous storm, the sun had come out again and was just peeking in through the front door into the hall.
And what did I see?
Just a few of my favourite things.

Little collections laid out on a lovely old Indian water holder, which with the aid of a piece of glass, has become a console table. Worthless junk to some. Priceless treasure to me.
spring flowers
And it wasn’t I guess so much what I saw, but what I felt and thought.
Maybe it was the sunshine after days of wind and rain, but I had this over-whelming feeling of love (and gratitude) for my home and all that it means and contains. The memories it helps to create, the shelter it provides, the haven that it is. That feeling that home is definitely, where the heart is.
Yes, very deep and meaningful for a hallway with a few sunbeams!
When I’m working with clients I am always striving to give them rooms that make their heart skip a beat. A place where they love to come home and hang out, just because they love it so much. That same feeling that I got when I saw the sunbeams!
I definitely don’t subscribe to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ theory when it comes to interiors, so that the things I love, might make you run a mile, but I do know that we should all love our homes this much!
Enough d&m for one day!
Amanda xx
(photos & styling Amanda Holland for perfectly imperfect living)
flowers in sunshine
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