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vintage florals via perfectly imperfect living

I was looking at my little hallway vignette of vintage bottles and flowers the other day, and wondering if it needs a little change. After all, I am always advocating change to keep things feeling inspiring and fresh. Not major change. Just small changes, like reinventing said hallway vignette. 

Said vignette which has been the same but different for a while now. Pretty much the same group of my favourite bottles, shuffled around with fresh flowers every week. Insert eye roll emoji. I can see what you’re thinking already. Well if you’re sick of the same old same old, imagine how I feel!

hallway vignette with vintage pieces via perfectly imperfect living

So anyway, to change or not to change? I had a shuffle. I tried a different big painting above. It wasn’t working so I tried another. Still no, so the original one went back. I added and subtracted the objet trouve. A new little contemporary ceramic piece joined the fray. And then a lovely old ceramic piece. I substituted the bottle lineup for a single bigger vase. Hmmm. It was ok but needed a lot more flowers to make it work, so no, that went back to the living room, and the reshuffled bottle lineup, and loaves and fishes flowers came back.

Alongside the florals are always some other special treasures that on their own somewhere, might easily be overlooked, or just look like clutter. But clustered together, linked by colour or form or idea, they all work well together. I added a few of my favourite linen covered botanical books in a small stack. On top I sat a beautiful handmade glass bird. The little leaning painting was a special gift from my friend the artist.

hallway vignette with vintage pieces via perfectly imperfect living

The old dome is a lovely way to highlight something small or unexpected. At the moment I have a few of my smaller, ‘specialty’ vintage wooden flick flack rulers underneath it. These are hard to display with any sense of shelf presence, so I find that the dome works really well to give them a bit of height and a bit more self-importance in the scheme of things. The vintage green ceramic bird is a new favourite acquisition. He’s already very much at home!

Further along the console are collected travel souvenirs from India, Vietnam and France, each a memento from a wonderful adventure. And of course the console itself. It’s not really a console. It’s actually an old Indian water holder. I’ve simply added some glass to the top to cover the holes and turn the frame into something not just beautiful, but purposeful too. I get asked about this piece all the time, because it is so unique and quite special. I was fortunate enough to buy it in a clearance sale about 20 years ago. It is without a doubt, the piece I would save in a fire I love it so much (after my family of course!)

florals via perfectly imperfect living

vintage florals via perfectly imperfect living

#botanicalforagersunitedsocietyinc via perfectly imperfect living

I changed the flowers. And finally after much shuffling and faffing was almost back to where I had started. And I was happy.

Was all this faffery a complete waste of time? Well, yes… and no. I tried something different, and on this occasion, it sort of didn’t work. Will this stop me trying again? Absolutely not. It’s all part of the fun. And next time, in a different mood, in a different light, with different flowers and reshuffled treasures, maybe the result will inspire more change. And my little painting shuffle didn’t work on this wall, but I tried a few changes in the living room at the same time, and in there, the change was as good as a holiday. That move can stay! But in the hallway, for today at least, the new vignette is the old vignette refreshed.

Amanda x

(styling and photography byAmanda Holland for perfectly imperfect living)

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  • Mo

    July 12, 2016 at 8:56 pm

    Well I for one never get tired of looking at it…AND I would dearly love to find a dome! Its the perfect solution to a small piece of art I have that just needs something to make it zing. That idea I will be #copyingshamelessly xx

    • Amanda

      September 6, 2016 at 10:23 am

      Brown & Co have a lovely selection of new domes in all sorts of sizes if this helps!