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It’s a universal truth that all who know Rachel Castle, describe her as pure sunshine. And if you follow her instagram or facebook feeds, then you’ll also know how damn funny she is. Her way with a few words has the ability to not only make you smile, but laugh out loud. Take this little nugget from instagram recently –

” Things I get wrong. It’s not Hillsong Hoods Mum, it’s Hilltop Hoods, rank. OMG mum called them Witzy and Flipper again, munt. OMG mum if you’re trying to be Arnie FYI he’s not a Polish Korean, scrub. What the hell is a scrub? Isn’t that bushland? Um FYI children, you are not gangsters. You live in the suburbs and get driven to the bus stop. And I make you porridge for breakfast and sometimes nice milo when you get home from school. Here’s to getting a few things right today peeps. RCx “ And another classic Castle quote “ My kids want me to home school them. I would rather wear a tracksuit for the rest of my natural born life. Ok maybe not. To everyone in post holiday struggle street I’m with you. RCx “

It’s only natural then that the sunshine-happy vibe is naturally carried through to Rachel’s handiwork – her stunning hand-stitched felted artworks, colourful hand printed screen prints and covetable flora paintings have had major attention in many a magazine, and are featured in beautiful homes all over. Her bedlinen is the perfect mix of crisp white cotton and fun vibrant colour. She’s the original polka dot queen. Think spot and flower pillowcases in a bright Castle colour palette on a white duvet. Throw in some cute as a button round cushions and you’re getting the hang of a Castle bedroom.

A visit to Castle HQ recently was every bit as sunshine-y as one would imagine. Milly looked at my photos of Rachel’s inspirational studio walls and pronounced them way better than good enough for any magazine. High praise from the teenager who shares her mother’s Castle-crush. She’s right of course. They’re the inspiration of inspirational walls.

Rachel apologised for her ‘bogon’ answers to my Favourite Things questionnaire. She wanted to keep it real. I’ll let you judge just how ‘bogon’ they are!

rachel castle studio inspiration

Favourite Things

Name: Rachel Castle
Where do you live? Sydney,


My style is… (three words) never too serious.

What’s your view at the moment? My little studio in St Peters, stuff everywhere, bedlinen samples and paintings and print boards and invoices and luckily my beautiful Leni.

What do you collect? Friends, I love my friends, you can never have enough.

My most treasured possession is… my tweezers.

My favourite colour is… yellow.

I like to use it… anywhere and everywhere.

The thing you love most about your home… My children lolling about being all happy and eating and watching tv and laughing with their friends (most often at me not with me.)

Home is… lots of work, but like anything you get out what you put in.

What gets you up in the morning? School lunches.

rachel castle bedlinen

If I were a flower, I’d be… probably a succulent, hardy and tough on the outside, mooshy and pliable inside.

How do you relax? I sew and watch chronically bad tv.

Where do you go for inspiration? My studio, so much to do, so little time, but I am always inspired here.

What’s on your bedside table? Unread books, I used to read every night as a young girl and then as a young adult, am too tired these days. And my tweezers.

My favourite dish is… Beetroot anything. I would eat a whole raw one by myself if I didn’t have to peel it.

What’s for dinner tonight? No idea, never any idea until 5.30pm.

What’s in your handbag? So much junk. Junk, junk, junk and 3 pairs of sunglasses always.

A perfect day would look something like? How long have I got? Reading all day, a really good novel.

What’s your current obsession? My wardrobe, never enough clothes, ever.

My favourite season is… summer, always.

What are you reading/listening to/watching/wearing? Reading school notes, listening to the news, watching my weight, wearing too tight jeans, but not on purpose.

What’s your best decor or design advice? If you love it do it. You need to get that little bit of magic, YAYYYYY that’s DEAD NICE. And if it’s wrong, who cares, if you love it do it.

rachel castle studio

Who inspires you? All the great artists and all the strong women who don’t powder coat it, who tell it like it is.

I adore… eating a choc top in the nice dark cinema, with one of my teenagers on the left, another on the right.

I’d spend my last dollar on… a bag of twisties and a diet coke.

rachel castle studio

rachel castle colour

Geez Louise. (That’s another frequent Castle saying). So much goodness on those walls.
I thank my lucky stars almost every day that a little of that Castle sunshine comes my way.

Amanda xx

(photos & styling Amanda Holland for perfectly imperfect living)

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