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green styling via perfectly imperfect living

This time of year is challenging for a flower lover like myself. In jest, on Instagram, I’ve been referring to my garden as the garden of nothingness. All jokes aside, it is a depressing sight. Mildewing remnants of dahlias. Naked roses. No camellias or hellebores as yet. No daphne. Not even any mint.

And yet, as Monsieur Monet so famously said, I must have flowers, always and always. So how to solve this between season dilemma? green styling via perfectly imperfect living

Well firstly, I think that the simple gesture of some wildly random garden pickings is as beautiful, if not more so, than the grandest floral arrangement. So lots of greenery is good. I love the feeling of freshness and calm that green styling gives. The sculptural form of all the different leaves makes a strong statement, and the arrangements are simple yet still manage to look beautiful in a more minimal way. And they also bring that sense of living nature and softness to a room that I think is so vital.

green styling via perfectly imperfect living

greenery and vintage vessels via perfectly imperfect living

I have babies tears and small ferns planted in old kitchenalia, leaves of fennel and potato vine and almost anything green I can find. I have sculptural vases of olive branches and even rhododendron. Rhodo fans, block your ears, because usually I struggle to see the appeal of rhododendrons. I inherited a tree/bush with this garden and for 9 months of the year, including when it is flowering, I threaten to pull it out. But at this time of the year, I absolutely love the leaves, so I apologise profusely to it for my neglect, and pick branches of new growth to bring inside where it does so well in a vase.

green vintage styling via perfectly imperfect living

I also pick my other pet hate, alstromeria. While I might not appreciate the flowers as much as I should, this is the plant that keeps on keeping on, and those new zesty green pre-flowering shoots are an autumn & winter vase favourite.

antiqued hydrangeas via perfectly imperfect living

Dried end-of-season hydrangeas with all their moody antique colour are also a beautiful winter floral. I have them hanging in the laundry and filling some old crocks and ceramic vessels amongst my books and on higher shelves.

floral cushion via perfectly imperfect living

florals and lush plant via perfectly imperfect living

For florals that will bloom beautifully all year round, add some gorgeous floral cushions and textiles, with the added bonus that these also add a layer of warmth, texture, pattern and colour to your room.

Amanda xx

(styling and photography Amanda Holland for perfectly imperfect living)

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  • Mo

    May 31, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Ok – I’m just going to come out and say it! Can I put dibs on that gorgeous pot if you ever get sick of it.!?

    I do love foliage, sometimes more than flowers. As always your styling it looks gorgeous ….. not sure mine would ever be as beautiful xx