a colour palette ~ japonica

vintage treasures via perfectly imperfect living

If colour is a mood, a feeling, and a way of life, then I’m feeling very ‘japonica’ at the moment.

There is a seemingly hard to resist seachange that occurs when winter turns to spring. That subtle change in light, the longer days, the birdsong, all those zesty green shoots in the garden. Everything feels lighter, there is a sweetness in the air, moods lift and there is that urge to soak up the sunshine and open up every door and window to all that fresh air.

And ok, yes, I know that these early days of spring, the weather is completely unpredictable, and blue sky days (Saturday) are just as quickly followed by grey (Sunday), so that opening those doors and windows is often just wishful thinking, but there is no doubt that spring is in the air, and on the mind.

How exactly does one feel ‘japonica’? I’m not entirely sure either. But, given the season, my favourite forage-able tree is in bloom, and I am completely enamored. Without fail, one only has to look to nature to see that the most stunning colour combinations occur all around us and are just waiting for us to notice them. Japonica is a delicious coral that fades to a sugary pink whisper. It is the lightness after the winter sludge, and it is the perfect antidote to gloom.

cotton reel collection via perfectlyimperfectliving.com

Never one to over do the whole gelato colour thing, I like my japonica in sugary sweet, but small doses.

How amazing then to glance in my bowl of wooden cotton reels, and spy the perfect small dose of japonica colour amongst the collection. The colours of the cotton, and the names of the colours, and the lovely smooth wood of the cotton reel all hold appeal for me, but to then discover that this particular reel was also labelled ‘japonica’ was more than a co-incidence. A mid-century classic colour when you think about it.

japonica cotton via perfectly imperfect living

See! It is a perfectly imperfect match.

small gallery wall via perfectly imperfect living

And, as is always the way with colour – as soon as you highlight or draw attention to a particular shade, especially if it is a minor player in the (colour) scheme of things, suddenly your eye subtly picks up this colour in other pieces in the room, wanting it all to make sense. As seen here, in the roses in the Kari Herer photograph, and even in the thread used by Sophie Klerk to stitch her collage, amongst the collected pieces on my bedroom wall.

japonica blossom via perfectly imperfect living

Suddenly they have that japonica vibe going on!

Happy spring.

Amanda xx

(photography and styling by Amanda Holland for perfectly imperfect living.)

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  • Jennifer

    September 6, 2016 at 3:36 am

    I was intrigues when I saw the picture on Instagram and love the way you’ve expanded here. It is a wonderful color. I can imagine a young girl in a swirling japonica skirt, or a vase of roses in that color. Lovely!

    • Amanda

      September 6, 2016 at 10:20 am

      I think you’re exactly right Jen. Roses in this colour would be just so gorgeous!
      Amanda x

  • Jan Fry.

    September 7, 2016 at 8:54 am

    Sigh … I’m lost for words, you have them all and they’re so beautiful. xx

    • Amanda

      September 8, 2016 at 12:42 pm

      Thanks Jan, my fellow japonica fan xx