a little chair makeover

If there is one gift that I am grateful for during this stay at home isolation, it is the gift of time. For someone like me, who doesn’t really know...

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instant art installations via perfectly imperfect living

instant art installations

I was rereading one of my favourite interior books yesterday – Sibella Court’s very first book etcetera etc. I honestly think that I get as much inspiration from this book...

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love your books via perfectly imperfect living

styling with your favourite books

'Books are not furniture, but they have a great way of furnishing your home'. I’m not sure who said this quote first, but I really like it. Books are also like...

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bedside display via perfectly imperfect living

the knack of knick-knacking

Years ago, when Small Acorns was still a mere baby, and I was obviously still precious about it, I was out at a party one night, and was introduced to...

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lessons in colour via perfectly imperfect living

lessons in colour

I am unashamedly a colourist. A lover of colour. But in saying this I do not mean that I live in a home that is a bright riot of colour....

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interior style via perfectly imperfect living

interior style

Great style isn’t about how slavishly you follow a trend or how quick you are to embrace the latest, greatest thing; in fact it’s anything but slavishly following a trend...

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objet trouve via perfectly imperfect living

objet trouve

Finding a special treasure for my home in a store or studio or market or junk shop or auction is pure joy. Especially if that ‘objet trouve’ is unexpected, and...

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vintage furniture via perfectly imperfect living

collecting beautiful moments

If you have known me for a while now, then you will know that I am an interior stylist who believes there is beauty in imperfection. Who thinks that something...

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beach cottage via perfectly imperfect living

there’s no place like home

Leaving the bach after summer holidays is always hard and sad and a little depressing. The pack up is horrible. Aside from the actual packing and cleaning, there is also...

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salon hang gallery art wall via perfectly imperfect living

hanging a gallery art wall

Oh my goodness! It's been a long time between drinks, as the saying goes. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you will have seen the main reason...

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chalk board calendar via perfectly imperfect living

our blackboard calendar

It isn’t always easy trying to balance one’s perfectly imperfect living style with one’s innate Virgo tendencies for order and routine. I do like a little tidy in my life...

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vintage florals via perfectly imperfect living

a hallway vignette

I was looking at my little hallway vignette of vintage bottles and flowers the other day, and wondering if it needs a little change. After all, I am always advocating...

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foggy grey bedlinen via perfectly imperfect living

linen luxe and love

I don’t know about you, but cooler days, and long, dark nights bring out my best hibernating instincts. I like nothing more than cosying up with layers of warmth, some...

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inspiration wall via perfectly imperfect living


ephemera ɪˈfɛm(ə)rə,-ˈfiːm-/ noun things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time. "there were papers, letters, old boxes—all sorts of ephemera" collectable items that were originally expected to have only short-term...

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flowers and vintage collections via perfectly imperfect living

being true to yourself

‘Be honest about what you love, because it’s always important to be charmed and seduced by where you live.’ I read this quote by UK interior designer Tara Bernerd in Living...

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upcycled palette table

mini makeovers

There’s nothing like a little spring sunshine to motivate a makeover. That, and the fact that my husband has been away overseas for almost four weeks, and he will be...

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vintage barrel and camellias

using atypical things unexpectedly

In my decorating I love to use atypical things in unexpected ways. Particularly something vintage and unexpected in a space where the look and feel is otherwise quite sleek and streamlined...

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bentwood chair via perfectly imperfect living

my bentwood chair

Vintage pieces and antiques have an authenticity and history. They wear the patina of a previous life. When mixed with new or more contemporary pieces they add a soft and...

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contemporary vintage interior

home is where the heart is

The other morning, just as I was leaving for work, I snapped this image on my phone. I literally had just put on my coat, hat, scarf & gloves, and picked...

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