comfort food ~ lemon & poppy seed cake

My styling assistant while in lockdown has of course been Maude. Hopeless at actually helping, but especially when things are not going quite to plan, she looks intelligent, and at...

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a little chair makeover

If there is one gift that I am grateful for during this stay at home isolation, it is the gift of time. For someone like me, who doesn’t really know...

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getting back on the horse

They say that when you fall off a horse or a bike or a bandwagon (what even is a bandwagon?) that the best thing to do is get straight back on. Before...

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foraged flora via perfectly imperfect living

forager about town

I fear that I am doing too good a job upholding my reputation as forager-about-town. A little botanical snip here, and a wee cutting there while out walking, and quicker...

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bedside display via perfectly imperfect living

the knack of knick-knacking

Years ago, when Small Acorns was still a mere baby, and I was obviously still precious about it, I was out at a party one night, and was introduced to...

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florabundance via perfectly imperfect living


I cannot imagine a day without flowers in it, or of not having flowers in my home. Monsieur Monet obviously agrees with me. What is it that he said? Something...

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lessons in colour via perfectly imperfect living

lessons in colour

I am unashamedly a colourist. A lover of colour. But in saying this I do not mean that I live in a home that is a bright riot of colour....

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summer plum cake via perfectly imperfect living

summer plum cake

Happy New Year! I’m writing today from my little office at the beach house. Of course it’s not really an office. It’s actually just our outdoor table here at the...

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festive table ideas via perfectly imperfect living

festive table settings

I thought that you might like a few very quick and simple ideas for lovely festive tables. Ideas that are visually gorgeous, easy, and most importantly, stress free. Well really,...

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spring flowers via perfectly imperfect living

making a house magical & baking

Last weekend I was doing a little baking. Of course, out loud I will pretend that it was for the benefit of the school lunch boxes. But actually, it was...

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interior style via perfectly imperfect living

interior style

Great style isn’t about how slavishly you follow a trend or how quick you are to embrace the latest, greatest thing; in fact it’s anything but slavishly following a trend...

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objet trouve via perfectly imperfect living

objet trouve

Finding a special treasure for my home in a store or studio or market or junk shop or auction is pure joy. Especially if that ‘objet trouve’ is unexpected, and...

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salon hang gallery art wall via perfectly imperfect living

hanging a gallery art wall

Oh my goodness! It's been a long time between drinks, as the saying goes. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you will have seen the main reason...

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vintage florals via perfectly imperfect living

a hallway vignette

I was looking at my little hallway vignette of vintage bottles and flowers the other day, and wondering if it needs a little change. After all, I am always advocating...

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flowers and vintage collections via perfectly imperfect living

being true to yourself

‘Be honest about what you love, because it’s always important to be charmed and seduced by where you live.’ I read this quote by UK interior designer Tara Bernerd in Living...

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vintage blue and white china

collections of blue & white china

Many of my collected treasures can instantly transport me back to the place and time that I bought them or found them or were given them. They are a timeline...

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castle collage1

my favourite things ~ rachel castle

It's a universal truth that all who know Rachel Castle, describe her as pure sunshine. And if you follow her instagram or facebook feeds, then you'll also know how damn...

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