About Me

Hello, I’m Amanda.


By day, I style homes and obsess over fabric swatches and paint colours and attempt to help with my daughter’s maths homework and gift wrap and create vignettes and make school lunches and rearrange furniture and have faith and hang gallery walls and make beds and trip over the dog and create beautiful rooms and forage in second hand shops and worry about what I’m wearing and research ideas and brew another coffee and spend too much time on Instagram and not enough time with my husband and plump cushions and pick flowers and answer emails and juggle appointments and cook dinner and kiss a furrowed brow and work in my beautiful store and ignore the ironing pile and wonder why I’ve encouraged my children to have way too many extra-curricular activities and plan store promotions and update my website and ponder as to why I’m the only one who seems to notice that the toilet roll needs changing, yet again.


By night, I’m wondering why my to-do list is perpetually long, and I’m writing all this, and more, down here.


I live in Wellington, New Zealand, and I am the owner of Small Acorns, a beautiful lifestyle and interior store. And when I’m not obsessing over all-things-interior, I remember I’m also wife to the long-suffering Brunnel & biased mum to my two girls, Millicent & Eva. Oh yes, life in our household is quite real. Aside from my constantly evolving home ( a house is NEVER finished Brunnel!), we do opinionated tween and teenagers, untidy bedrooms, mother’s juggling and, whenever Brunnel has control of the remote, rugby.

vintage bottles and flowers

I like contemporary interiors and I like vintage interiors, but I much prefer an interior that is a perfectly imperfect blend of both, and my favourite thing to do is to create perfectly imperfect, beautiful homes with heart – real spaces for real people.


I colour both inside and outside the lines, and obsess often over the perfect shade of white paint (Resene Sea Fog is my current favourite). I’m a master of the interior quick-fix, I love upcycling, I’m a serial collector and acquirer and constant reshuffler, and the one thing I’m most definitely not shy about is my love of colour. I think colour and pattern are to an interior what brown sugar and cream are to porridge! They add the ‘X’ factor! Colour is a mood, a feeling, a way of life for me, and I just cannot imagine living without it. I’m only ever a heartbeat away from my next cup of coffee and believe that no room is ever complete without flowers or a snippet of greenery.


Welcome to a perfectly imperfect flower strewn life in colour.


Amanda xx


Some of the beautiful magazines and publications my home has been featured in recently include –